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Hanjra precast aims to extend firmly established traditions of quality work, commitment and meeting the deadlines towards our services of pre-cast concrete products. Construction projects suffer financially due to delays and we make sure no client suffer and sticking to our philosophy has extended our family of clients across country which once started at the local level

Innovation and Imaginative Strategies

As a pioneer in our industry, we have reliably endeavored to make forefront development and creative techniques. Our lord bunches are picked expressly for each client, and they are uncommonly arranged, using cleverness to handle issues creatively. We let our quality work and promise to buyer dedication is our saying. 

Quality Control

Our focus in the field of both inside and outside improvement has assisted us with creating such a reputation in the market which makes the association’s ideal choice for the client. We have a surprising Quality Control Program which not simply explores the idea of the particular field regardless, it furthermore files reviews to care for precision.

Experience and Perfection

Consistently HANJRA has brought various designs up in different bits of Pakistan. As the principal organizer firm in Pakistan, Our work consolidates 5-Marla Houses, 10-Marla Houses to huge Villas. We love to build a heaven for our Clients.

aditional services

Insdustrial and metal structures

Precast Boundary Wall

Hanjra precast is pioneer of modern fencing in Pakistan. Pre-stressed concrete wall panels are an ideal precast solution when speed, durability and cost are key. We have the widest range of boundary wall designs which add beauty and uniqueness to your construction sites.

Precast Roof

Construction industry is an ever evolving industry. Energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, rapid installation of roofs has become very important in recent times. Hanjra precast is one of the leading manufacturers of the traditional pre-stressed and precast slabs and girders in Pakistan.

Hanjra precast (roofs and boundary walls) is one of rapidly emerging precast manufacturers in Pakistan. Hanjra precast started back in 2012 and since then has been providing precast services across country and across industries

Pre-fabricated Steel Structures

Now-a-days, steel structures are gaining attention in the field of construction. These structures have the advantages of cost reduction, quick construction and high strength. These steel structures can withstand earthquake, thunderstorm and other external pressures.