Architectural Services

Hanjra Constructions always remains at the top with its unique and trendy building design ideas. Our experts are able to give a luxury touch to all types of buildings with our unique design ideas in Pakistan. So if you want unique designs for your home or office, Hanjra is here to make your dream come true at a cost that will be less compared to the expert opinions we provide you.

Additionally, we are helping you make your dream house with the help of our design experts. They will create exactly what you are asking for. Our experts will share their opinions about interior designs that can help you make your dream house. It will be more spacious and luxury with unique and minor changes in the house.

With a vast portfolio of unique ideas of construction in Pakistan, we have decent design ideas. Its hard to recommend the custom design idea according to the site of the clients, but we are still unique with our experts that can provide customized design ideas for building your dream houses.

If you are searching for the best and most unique designs, then give our architecture services a try. We will help you build your dream house with quality materials at a lower cost. So contact us with your unique idea to start designing of your dream house

Our locations

Hanjra Construction provides its interior design services to you across major cities in Punjab, includes Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, KarachiMultan and other cities in Pakistan. Our services include building design, house design, 3D architecture walkthrough services, house construction plans, top-notch site plan architecture, and building plaza design services.

Furthermore, you can contact us to create a unique presence in your society and utilize the space in your house. Our unique interior design ideas will help you build your dream house in a way that will uplift your standard of living. You can build a residence with low maintenance costs and a huge living space. So contact us to share your unique ideas with us and start designing your dream house with the experts in architectural and interior design in Pakistan.


Consultancy and Monitoring

It really opened your mind to the new ideas through a detailed discussion of the designs with our design experts. They are specialized in providing a plan according to your needs, site location and area. Additionally, they are experts, sharing every minute details about the building designs.

Site Analysis 

We analyze the site and suggest building design ideas according to the area, weather, and roads in that area. It is important for us to provide designs that don’t make it difficult for people to survive in different weather conditions and are easy to maintain in the meantime.

Design And Development 

We provide complete interior and exterior designs for your house. Not only that, we add and fit your suggestions into a plan in a proper and unique way. At this stage, we share the complete floor plan, front, rooms and other utilities of your house.