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Precast Steel Roof/ Precast Roofing

Hanjra Constructions aims to make precast roofing common in Pakistan. We are providing the finest-quality precast steel roofs for you. We have a standard to create precast roofs in Pakistan. We present it as a cheap alternative to concrete beams in Pakistan.

Hanjra believe to provide high-quality products to you. Unlike other contractors in Pakistan, we allow you to visit our factory. We test the material and monitor every single process to make roofs.

You can contact us for quality precast roofing in Pakistan. Our company dont believe in long waiting periods. We use high-end technology to create precast proofing in Pakistan. 

Hanjra is here to serve our services to you on a single phone call. If you are planning to make a precast roof at your house, we will provide you with a quality product at a reasonable price.

Our services are available in Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Islamabad and all other cities in Pakistan. You can call us. We are here to listen to your worthy idea to get precast roofing on your site, parking lots, and farm houses.for yo

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Differences between Precast Steel Roof and Prefabricated Steel Structures

Precast roofing and prefabricated steel structures are used in the construction of the sites. In precast roofing, we create a portion of the roof to fit it into the steel structure. Unlike fabricated steel structures, where we have to create all the building structures in the factory and then we setup them at the site,

Precast Steel Roof: This method primarily focuses on creating the roof portion of a building. It involves the process to manufacture roof components like slabs, beams, and girders in a controlled environment and then assembe them on-site to form the roof structure.

Prefabricated Steel Structure: Prefabricated steel structures includes the entire building or structure, including walls, roofs, and other elements. It involves manufacturing various building components off-site and to assemble them at the construction site to create the entire structure.

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