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Best Constructions Company In Pakistan

Hanjra Precast

A Perfect Destination For All Your Construction Needs

HANJRA Constructions who is effectively conveying bunch lodging projects in the different areas of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad throughout the previous 10 years is presently concocting the best administrations in Architecture, Construction, Consultation, and Renovation.

Our Mission

To be the preeminent provider of superior construction services by consistently improving the quality of our product to add value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance and to serve with character and purpose that brings honor to Allah. we believed that we are the best constructions company in Pakistan.


Using modern principles and sophisticated technologies, The HH Constructions envisions being the primary preference at all times both nationally and globally, for their renowned excellence, quality, performance and reliability in all types of constructions.


About Our Company

best constructions company in pakistan

Hanjra Constructions is famous in Pakistan for building stuff. We’re really good at making strong walls and pretty roofs. We began in 2012 and have been doing great work for many different businesses. What makes us special is our skills, and we’re proud that we can finish projects from start to finish with our dedicated engineers and hardworking team.

To make sure our customers are really happy, we focus on always doing great work, being committed to our job, and finishing projects on time. We’ve grown from serving just our local area to serving the whole country by sticking to these ideas. We’ve also shown our commitment to being creative by coming up with new designs for fences in Pakistan.

Hanjra Constructions, a big name in Pakistan’s building world, uses modern technology to help our important customers. We can make your dreams come true, whether you want a perfect home, fancy interior design, or strong walls for businesses.

Hanjra Constructions has resolved its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, and our aim is to provide you with a solution to realize your vision.

Welcome to Hanjra Construction’s Family

You’re like family to Hanjra Construction. If you ever have a problem, let’s have tea together and talk it out. We really appreciate your trust, and we’ll always honor it with respect.

Our services extend to major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Faisalabad


Marble look boundary wall

Marble look boundary wall is a beautiful design introduced for the first time in Pakistan by Hanjra precast best constructions company in pakistan.


Wooden look boundary wall

Wooden look boundary wall is another textured design introduced for the first time in Pakistan by Hanjra precast best constructions company in pakistan.


Stone look boundary wall

Stone look boundary wall is a beautiful design introduced for the first time in Pakistan by Hanjra precast.



Director Lahore

Umair Arshid Tarar


Director Karchi

Sadaqat Ali Bhatti

Manager Farooqa

Abad Factory

Hafiz Afzal Ahmad

Our Objective

HANJRA Constructions sole goal is to straightforwardly work for the individuals who need any Architectural plan, House Construction, Consultation, and Renovation work by serving them with moral and experienced Building Contractor in Pakistan and inside planning administrations.

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